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    What’s an ECG and do I need one?



    What's an ECG and do I need one?

    An ECG is the most common test used by our doctors to check heart rate and rhythm. If we recommend an ECG it is a common, harmless and basic procedure that can help assess the conditions below.

    • The spread of electrical activity within the heart
    • Enlarged hearts
    • Reduced blood supply
    • Silent heart attacks (symptomless heart attacks)


    ECGs are non-invasive. As such, you won’t need to prepare. The only requirement is access to the wrist, ankles and the chest. Stickers are attached to these areas to allow the machine to record the electrical activity from the heart.

    What can I expect from the results?

    Our doctors will advise on your individual circumstances. If an ECG comes back normal and you’re still experiencing difficulty walking upstairs, our doctors may need to perform an exercise ECG. This is the same as a normal ECG but is performed whilst walking on a treadmill.

    Are there any side effects?

    There are no long term side-effects from an ECG. The only possible effect is a small skin irritation where the electrode was placed. This irritation will normally pass within a few hours to a few days. Contact us if it does not subside.

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