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Minor Surgery

Minor Surgery

What You Should Know

Unfortunately Jersey has one of the highest rates of Malignant Melenoma skin cancer in the world due to the high level of sunshine we enjoy. Changes in regards to education and sun protection can try and reduce those for the future however if you have a new or changing mole or skin lesion we recommend you get this checked. A number of our doctors are practitioners or dermoscopy which is a non-invasive technique to assess skin lesions through the use of a specialist magnifier. This can help improve the accuracy of diagnosis of melanoma from other skin conditions to aid in appropriate prompt referral to the hospital dermatologist as necessary.

At the Cleveland Clinic we have the facilities to offer removal of simple skin conditions such as warts, skin tags, lipomas, sebaceous cysts and some other benign skin conditions under local anaesthetic. If you are concerned by a skin lump we suggest you arrange for this to be reviewed for diagnosis and to see if minor surgery is appropriate.

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