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Immunisations and Vaccines

Immunisations and Vaccines

Childhood Immunisations

If a vaccine is given when a baby still has antibodies to the disease, the antibodies can stop the vaccine working. This is why routine childhood immunisations do not start until a baby is 2 months old, when the antibodies a baby gets from its mother have stopped working.

This is also why it is important to stick to the immunisation schedule, as a delay can leave a baby unprotected. A delay can increase the chance of adverse reactions to some vaccines, such as pertussis (whooping cough).

For information regarding all Childhood vaccines, please visit

We offer FREE Routine immunisations and well baby check clinics;

St Ouen's Village Surgery - Tuesday - 11.30am.

Cleveland Road - Wednesday - 10.20am-12.00pm

St Brelade's Surgery - Monday - 12.00am-1.00pm

The Clinics are run by an appointment system, the purpose being to carry out immunisations, well baby checks and weighing and measuring the growth of babies.

You will be sent a reminder by letter from the Child Health Department for each immunisation due. Please ring the surgery and ask to speak to Sue Wood to book an appointment in one of our Surgery Baby Clinics as shown above.

If there are any changes to your address, please let us know so that we can both update our records and inform Public Health.

All vaccinations require your consent. If you do not wish your baby to have an immunisation for any reason, please ring the surgery and ask to speak with your Doctor. This is important so that we may inform Public Health of your decision.

In the interest of prevention of spread of infection to well babies, please do not bring sick or ill babies to the Baby Clinics. If your baby is ill, please make an appointment to see the doctor at ordinary surgery times.

If you do not receive a reminder from Public Health, please ring us anyway to make an appointment. If you have any questions about the above service, please do not hesitate to contact the surgery.

Adult Immunisations

Adult Immunisations

It's not just children that need immunisations, adults need to keep theirs up to date as well. The following are common immunisations that adults should consider. Everybody needs to make sure they keep their tetanus up to date, and certain groups of people need some of the others as well.


Tetanus is a germ that is caught when a wound becomes contaminated by soil. It is serious and around half of those infected die. The wound may only be trivial, such as a prick from a thorn. It doesn't matter how old you are or how often you have been cut, you never develop immunity to tetanus naturally.

Keep you tetanus injections up to date to protect yourself properly. All you need is a course of three injections a month apart, then a booster every 10 years. Don’t wait until you get a cut, because the vaccine isn’t effective until you have had the full course. Adult tetanus boosters are now combined with diphtheria vaccine to keep up immunity against this other disease.

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is caused by a virus which is transmitted sexually or through blood from a carrier (who may appear healthy). It is a lot more infectious than HIV (the virus that causes AIDs). It can kill around half those who develop hepatitis, and others may become carriers of the disease.

People who may come into contact with blood because of their occupation, such as health care workers, police or firemen should have a course of hepatitis B vaccine followed by a blood test three months later to check that it has been effective. Boosters are needed every five years.

Hepatitis B is common in institutions caring for those with mental impairment. It can be transmitted by biting, so those working with these people also need to be immunised. Sexually active individuals, gay men and drug users are considered to be at higher risk of hepatitis B and should consider whether they need immunising.

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